Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some progress

I am forcing myself to move a bit faster on this, and it seems to be going well. After seeing some of the online images of the incredible Chinese hairwork, I am getting some ideas about how to use crosshatching as a way of showing value--it is far more effective than parallel stiches, which is what I am doing. However, I am trying to follow Goya's markmaking as much as possible, and he pretty much uses only parallel lines. Perhaps I will vary it when I try working from photographs. That will be a challenge! My drawing chops are a little rusty...

This shows the original Goya etching to the right:

And the spindle with the hair "thread" which is knotted end to end:


cally said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks so much for your encouraging comment, I really appreciate that yu took the time to write and thrilled to now see your wonderful work. I'd love to show it on my blog if you say it's ok.

Not sure how much of my blog you've read, but I also had M.E. when I was at art college, '90-'94 and a year after.

I now realise I was 'lucky' that the Doctors then wouldn't help because it means I did all mu own finding out about going organic, using alternative remedies and taking good quality supplements.

Once I really changed that, and the way I handled my social life, I got better pretty fast. I don't have the money or support I had then but I'm doing ok and you are right, the whole art thing makes the biggest difference. I love that in getting sick again I have been rediscovering all the work I made fist time I had M.E. So much of it was left unfinished but still feels relevant to my circumstances now, so I'm slowly picking it up again and doing some finishing (mainly my crochet work, fibre fits so well with this illness).

I love connecting with others whose art has helped them through it too and I can see that, like me, the limitations of the illness have given you a direction with your work that maybe you wouldn't have travelled. Clearly the work siuts you well, it's great. And I always love work with obsessive qualities.

Have you read Marjojo's blog (My Art Grows Around Me) it's on my links sidebar. She also has M.E. and works with hair, mainly crocheting it into wonderful and meaningful pieces.

Sheesh, got carried away with my typing, someone gave me marzipan so I'm right in the middle of a sugar rush!

Great to hear from you, I will try and keep checking in to see what you are making (though I'm not so great with the actual reading these days).

andrea tachezy said...

Jennifer, I found your blog via.Cally and I am really overwhelmed with your work! It is really great. I like embroidery very much and I am a graphic artis, who loves drawings - and this everything is there- in your work.I love it!